Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive Speech 

Persuasive Speech In this speech, you will take a position on a specific question about organ transplant that you have chosen to research. Your goal is to persuade your audience that your position is the correct one based on an ethical consideration of the subject. You will need to support your answer with clear evidence. This evidence needs to be both from your own ethical thinking and from the secondary readings that you have done.

This 10-minute speech should include the following:

·      An introduction that identifies the topic of organ trasplant as you will discuss it and sets up the ethical question you intend to answer

·      A thesis statement that offers a clear position that answers the ethical question

·      Support for your position in the body of the speech

·      At least one case study to support your proposed answer to the question

·      Engagement with at least one counterclaim to your answer

·      A clear conclusion that summarizes the argument and reinforces that your position is the ethical one


Ø  All speeches require an arguable thesis statement that answers a question. In this case, you have created your own research question to be answered. This claim should be defendable within the page limits and should be clearly articulated as the same argument from the beginning to the end of the essay.

Ø  This argument must show critical thinking that delves into answering why? or so what?. The speech must support its claims using sources from independent research, and these sources must be clearly and correctly CITED using your choice of style guide.

Ø  The speech should focus on your argument, not summarizing the information you have

Ø  All material from sources must be introduced, presented, and explained completely in correct format (i.e. for quotations).

You must provide the instructor with a bibliography with your speech

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