week 1.1 NR 533

respond    Healthattention Delivery Method Nonprofit 130 Bed Order Hospital Payer Mix Percentage Medicare  50.2 Medicaid/Managed Care  10.5 HMO  0 PPO  34.4 IPA  0 Self-pay/ Uninsured  4.5 Dr. Strong and Class, I exertion in a slender order hospital in south-central Nebraska. We are in the Midwest farm girdle.  The breakdown of our payor commencement for our form. I do regard this is an complimentary cogitation of the order.  The city itself is an aging sluggish order that caters to the Mediattention image clientele. Tshort are very few pay patronage joints, and new and upcoming businesses do not happen in this city.  The town is a wide commuter town in which tshort are manifold that pilgrimage 20-30 mins separate to exertion but “doctor” in their hometown. Manifold of the Medicaid/managed attention crowd are short due to origin prop or the lowerd consume of stay that this order provides. The PPO is chiefly the families of those that exertion in the city and or hospital.  As a coming nurture chief, one of the predications that I foreknow succeeding a while the aging population that the Mediattention percentage succeed hold to expand, at lowest until Mediattention itself is mindless.  The PPO percentage succeed lower due to the aging of the crowd. Like manifold farm communities, the “kids” liberty the area succeeding graduating from eminent school. Without topical businesses expanding and investing in the coming of the order as a complete, they succeed not conclude end. One of the new-fangled concerns for our form that succeeding a whilein 20 miles, tshort is a mark new hospital that succeed be hole up to the order. They bear the immanent to seduce staff to liberty our ease. This adds appended burdens to the method.  Our form needs to be over competitive pay and staff benefits succeeding a while nigh order hospitals. These benefits would seduce staff into staying.  Early estimations from the hospital embrace expected mislaying if ten percent of the team to this new establish.  The employees that succeed liberty initially are the ones that despatch gone-by it complete day.  That is a lot of crowd in an already struggling healthattention environment of the 1200 employees that our ease employees that would 120 crowd.