Special Needs Mini Assignment

Special Needs Mini Assignment    Special Needs Mini-Project Due in Week 6 and estimate 50 points for the instruction drawing after a while the direction technology integration and 20 points for the argument doubt. You achieve not regularly apprehend if you possess students after a while peculiar deficiencys in your collocate. Students may not flush apprehend they possess a peculiar deficiency and possess regularly compensated on their own. Using directional technology can be a way to address these deficiencys, twain apprehendn and obscure. For model, e-readers acknowledge students to regulate the font and the font bigness, get the definitions of ignorant words, and flush possess the extract peruse to them. This addresses coagulated deficiencys such as peruseing to visually adulterated students and acknowledgeing students after a while dyslexia to adjust the extract to triton that is easier to peruse for them. It to-boot helps all students after a while wordbook and peruseing understanding.  First cull a soon instruction drawing that you would train in your own collocateroom or the collocateroom in which you would approve to train. Then add an directional technology ingredient such as an app or an explicit piece of technology that would address a peculiar deficiency or deficiencys for the instruction. In a soon write-up (approximately one page), describe: The technology The deficiency(s) it addresses How you would unite it into your instruction  Post your instruction drawing and directional technology integration to the argument table.  Read through the instruction drawing of at lowest one of your collocatemates and stipulate feedback on their instruction. Include the forthcoming points: Did their direction technology ingredient adequately address the deficiencys they fixed? How polite did you consider that the directional technology ingredient was united into the instruction? Do you see any other deficiencys that the directional technology could address?  Course Outcomes Examine opposed types of technological instrument for directional purposes. Evaluate how technology can transmute the resigned and methods of direction. Analyze how technology can subsistence the acquirements of distinct students. Use technology and counsel instrument to lore issues in integrating technology into direction. Write explicitly and concisely environing integrating technology into direction using right congeniality mechanics.