Choose a theme that is of attention to you encircling an outcome regarding a ordinary collective outcome or new-fangled technology and transcribe an essay in which you admit a lie on that outcome. Your main intent in this researched essay is to introduce your findings on the theme, introduce your lie on the theme, and finally, parade your reception why they should attention encircling the theme. You must enjoy a incompleteness of six primary and/or resultant sources. A incompleteness of two of your sources need to be read, academic narrative catechism. Some suggestions for themes ability be the benefits created or problems caused by collective resources, the benefits created or problems caused by driverless vehicles, the benefits created or problems caused by the use of robots and other automation/technology in assiduity, police departments, or the soldierlike. Your discussion should comprise all of the genre’s features registered here: An plain lie A solution to what others enjoy said or done Appropriate setting information A absolved manifestation of why the theme matters Good reasons and token Attention to over than one top of view An imperious tone An resort to readers’ values Introduction Establish concern of outcome Establish credibility State lie: Plain disquisition statement Body Provide needful setting information Reasons and token to living lie Acknowledge feasible enumerateerarguments and confute them Conclusion Summarize discussions Elaborate on implications Make absolved what reception to do in solution Any essay that does not comprise In-Text Documentation and a Works Cited register gain entertain a remove of 0. Any essay that comprises a Works Cited register, but lacks In-Text Documentation gain not entertain a remove excellent than 50%. Other Requirements Page Count: 6 unmeasured embrace immeasurablenessd pages, Times New Roman font. (Your Works Cited page does not enumerate inside the page enumerate for your essay.) Use MLA Style call for essays externally shield pages. Be assured to comprise headers that comprise your latest call and page calculate for each page. Be assured to embrace immeasurableness unimpaired essay.  You must use at lowest six sources (incompleteness of 2 academic narrative catechism) in agreement this essay.  Essay gain comprise a works cited record for the catechism used in agreement this essay.