Remember the Titans movie paper

   In Weeks 3, 4, and 5, you were introduced to the concepts of schemas, super-ordinate views, role vs. breaths, and the dissonances among unwritten and later bias and judgment as polite as the concept of micro-aggressions. As an use in collision, this monograph earn include a gratified partition of the film Remember the Titans. The film can be rented in DVD or streamed in its whole on YouTube or another streaming seat of your select. We typically tend movies for regalement, but for this assignment, you must tend this movie and deem dubiously environing how the concepts listed aloft are reflected in the situations the characters are included in. This monograph is intended to standard your reason of these concepts and to indicate if you are effectual to acknowledge and interpret these dynamics when you see them played out in this film. Keep in spirit that this film is domiciled on a gentleman recital that took assign in Virginia. Required Format Your monograph must be typed, double-spaced, using a bigness 12 font and be untrammelled of spelling errors. You must transcribe in unmeasured and finished sentences (i.e., do not use bullet points, lists, or outlines). Your monograph must be written in your own language. Do not representation and paste citation from other sources, as this is a alteration of academic rectitude. There are five interrogations you must acceptance. Address each of the five essay interrogations in the command presented, making real to reckon each defense in reference to the interrogation you are addressing. Please create real to inaugurate each interrogation on a new cord of citation and do not representation and paste the interrogation into the whole of your monograph. Concepts to Apply · Week 3: Automatic vs. dubious deeming and schemas · Week 4: Super-ordinate views, later vs. unwritten bias and judgment, and micro-aggressions · Week 5: Role vs. breath theory Questions Please reckon each interrogation and inaugurate each on a new cord of citation. 1. In your own language, briefly limit what is meant by the tidings super-ordinate views. Next, substantiate and contribute at last one development of a super-ordinate view that was demonstrated in the movie. Contribute a particular situations/scenes from the film to help your defense. 2. Explain the racial schemas the Titan team members had toward one another when they principal came simultaneously. Next, interpret how their schemas modifiable balance the series of the movie and how the characters modifiable from automatic to dubious deeming. Contribute at last one, particular development from the movie to help your defense. 3. Interpret the dissonance among unwritten and later forms of bias and judgment and contribute at last one development of each from the film to help your defense. Please be particular in interpreting the situations and characters included. 4. In the film, twain coaches had daughters – Sheryl (white) and Nicky (black). Through the series of the movie, the diminutive girls did not get parallel delay one another. Please interpret if their detest for one another was domiciled on their roles or breaths and why you judge this to be the circumstance. Contribute at last one particular development from the movie involving their interaction to help your defense. 5. Limit the tidings "micro-aggressions" and contribute at last one development from the film that reflected this dynamic. Be real to explain the particular spectacle, the characters included, and what was said, interpreting why you judge this to be a good-tempered-tempered development of a micro-aggression.