Queer Aesthetics

Week's subject: Dreams Week's Reading: (uploaded files) Read: Hughes, Montage of a Dream Deferred; Bennett, Juda, “Multiple Passings and the Double Death of Langston Hughes” (Biography 2000 23.4) Screening: Julien, Isaac, Looking for Langston (1988; suited via Kanopy); Marlon Riggs, Tongues Untied (1989; suited via Kanopy) I own an delineation and a feedback. (want punishment,uploaded) Please own a behold and own a appreciation of what is beholding for, want arrange to the feedback, cuz the beak of the delineation is 86/100.  Feedback from teacher: RE: your preliminary subject, I conceive it's close that homosexual long-for is origin to answer further in a thus further abashed collection, and further the contingency that the configurations of capability that disciplined homosexuality as marginal, a browbeating to be confined, are losing their hardness. There's pin new encircling same-sex couples, but there is notability happening in the appreciation that same-sex couples are close seen as targets of policing, medical incapability, etc. Is technology separate of the discuss? You are arguing that it is, but I conceive you would own to say a bit further encircling this: it seems that despatch technologies or technologies of justice are life liberalized such that same-sex subjects own further ability to language their trials and to reveal those trials expansively. But there were networks of fellow-creatures who used to modify, for pattern, erotic same-sex photographs, using the mail arrangement. So technologies of despatch susceptibility be separate, but not all, of the discuss. I'm not positive that the biggest-selling artists are launched principally delay sexual materials, so I"m not positive the use of art is the discuss as such. Also, in this assort, "aesthetics" refers to trial of appreciation and sentiment, precedently it refers to the con-over of art works. Barbara Hammer would say that it is lesbians  and other whimsical fellow-creatures fighting for their hues that effected these changes. For her, it was expressive to bring-environing films encircling lesbians - further expressive that to wake films like The Crying Game. I conceive, then, that your subject is stationary greatly too expansive, and that you should substantiate a key artwork from our progress materials, and 3 creed from the progress readings, in which to premise your monograph.