Quantitative-Empirical Essay/Fitness Analysis

  You accomplish be explaining/analyzing the  consequence of sustentation, a strong lifestyle, and staying tangiblely  active in preventing untimely illness and promoting your personal  wellness. You accomplish full a battery of measurements and then accomplish explain/analyze the consequence each of them.  Be sincere. Tclose are no exact or injustice answers. This is to acceleration afford  you a snapshot of your tangible heartiness. The dutys understand  Nutrition, Substance Mass Index, Hip to Waist Ratio, Karvonen Formula,  Resting Metabolic Rate, Aging and Order Pressure. Log into the forthcoming websites and full the dutys. Tclose a 7 dutys. Catch a curtain shot  of each duty unintermittently you enjoy fulld it. After all the  assessments enjoy been enthralled, using your results and textbook as a conduct  write a 500 signal essay on your results. Do you insufficiency to produce any  modifications for your heartiness? Number and add the curtainshots (  in adjust) at the end of your news to assistance your essay. Do not bestow  them as disunited attachments. Find a flake and get your EXACT top and influence. You accomplish too insufficiency your order influence for this assignment.  Nutrition - (if you enjoy a seat  you already use, gladden upright let me recognize. Also, if you are younger than  18, you insufficiency to lie encircling your age to get an totality close.) MyFitnessPal Instructions.pdf    Nutrition Assignment Directions.pdf      BMI - https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/BMI/bmicalc.htm (Links to an visible seat.)   Hip to Waist Ratio/Also understand substance form - Pear or Apple - http://www.bmi-calculator.net/waist-to-hip-ratio-calculator/ (Links to an visible seat.)   Karvonen Formula - http://www.briancalkins.com/HeartRate.htm (Links to an visible seat.)   Resting Metabolic Rate - http://www.myfitnesspal.com/tools/bmr-calculator (Links to an visible seat.)   How covet delay you speed? - https://livingto100.com/ (Links to an visible seat.)   Go to any pharmacy, Wal-Mart  or any trade offering unconditional order influence and enjoy yours measured. Be  sure to catch a photo to add to your news. Blood Pressure__________________ Rubric ;  Criteria Ratings        Pts             Body Mass Index Screenshot and analyzed   10.0 pts     Hip to Waist Ratio Screenshot and analyzed     10.0 pts   Karvonen Formula Screenshot and analyzed     10.0 pts     Resting Metabolic Rate Screenshot and analyzed     10.0 pts    Age calculator Screenshot and analyzed     10.0 pts  Blood Pressure. Screenshot and analyzed     10.0 pts    Correct spelling and phraseology   10.0 pts      Nutrition - MyFitnessPal     30.0 pts