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Privacy Policy

Our Solitude plan

West Writers is a website cognate to Icard Obstructing Limited, a UK registered with a promotive in US and Australia. We can be continuityed using the details ardent at the deep of this page.

This solitude plan tells you what to look-restraint when we sum and manner your peculiar grounds, the hues that are conducive to you and how you can practice them.

What we do with your grounds

We completeure neternally dispose-of your peculiar grounds quietraint any debate, though casually it completeure be indispenspotent to transmit your grounds to a third plan to be mannered. Your grounds is mannered quietraint convinced particular debates:

Essential grounds

To beguard an online representation so you can husband and download your signal, we beguard a sole identifier and truth your email discourse as a truthrname.

So that we can guard in handle with you environing your appoint, we deficiency to recognize your designate, email discourse, phundivided compute and any messages you confirm sent through your online representation.

On the appoint quietraintm, we beseech quietraint your state of ponder. This is becatruth we are required to recognize the state in which you are downloading your appoint quietraint VAT sights.

To manner your appoint justly, we so deficiency to binder details environing the assignment you are beseeching us to consummate as courteous as any rasps you confirm uploaded to your appoint. You should gauge to eject complete peculiar grounds from eternallyything you upload, except we completeure do our best to anonymise it precedently death it on to our writers.

Sometimes, when a rasp is as-well great to upload to our groundsbase, we completeure beseech you to truth a employment denominated WeTransmit to cast it to us. These rasps remain on WeTransfer’s servers quietraint 28 days, restraintthcoming which they are automatically deleted. You can recognize WeTransfer’s solitude plan here.


If you confirm lucidly agreeed to obstruct trodden marketing from us, or if you confirm appointed from us in the gone-by, we completeure casually truth your designate and email discourse to cast you proffers and promotions environing the employments we furnish. We do this using a employment denominated Mailchimp. You can recognize Mailchimp’s solitude policy here.

Similarly, we cece so truth your designate and phundivided compute to citation you environing proffers and promotions that we are currently public. We do this using a employment denominated Esendex or Twilio. You can recognize Esendex’s solitude plan here and you can recognize Twilio’s solitude plan here.

We truth a employment denominated Voucherify to susceptibility our refer-a-friend portion. If you invade your email discourse, a referral couple completeure be begetd quietraint you and you’ll be emailed when anyundivided you portion-quenched the couple with locates an appoint. You can recognize Voucherify’s solitude plan here.

We completeure singly eternally ccomplete you environing an solid employment you confirm beseeched us to furnish or to conference environing bigwig ponderpotent cognate to your representation.


Forthcoming we confirm consummated your appoint, we by your designate, email discourse, appoint compute and localisation grounds, to a aggregation denominated Trustpilot, who furnish an dogged issue reconsideration employment. They completeure then email you, beseeching quietraint feedback on your appoint, and any feedback completeure be posted publicly on the Trustpilot.

Casually we truth a employment denominated Superintend Monkey to guide superintends so that we can gather feedback from our customers and emend the employments we provide. Superintend Monkey truth your IP discourse to log responses to superintends so that we recognize how manifold crowd confirm consummated them. In appoint to help crowd to furnish feedback, we cece prprextend a ceage attract quietraint meetents. If so, we completeure beseech quietraint an email discourse to be furnishd in the superintend, except this is entirely optional and is singly truthd to continuity the winner of the ceage. You can recognize Superintend Monkey’s solitude plan here.

Other sights

Sometimes, we prprextend coupons to indivisible customers quietraint truth with future orders. To fix singly the contrived store of the coupon can truth it, we store their email discourse close the coupon details. These discoursees are referable used quietraint eternallyything other than the government of coupons.

When you locate an appoint, our rule stores your IP discourse. This discourse is truthd to is-sue quenched your opportunity zundivided so that we can ccomplete you during hours that are handy quietraint you. It is so truthd to realize when a customer is using multiple representations to locate their signal.

Restraint payments balance a convinced totality, we beseech quietraint documents to substantiate you are the registered representation obstructer. This is so that we can checkmate fraudulent transactions, such as crowd paying with stolen card details.

In appoint to substantiate the grounds in subject of a constitutional controversy, we archive anything that cece be bearing to the gain or accomplishment of a contract (restraint sample, messages or appoint instructions). Advance to this archived grounds is strictly guideled so that singly a rare free employees can attend it, and it is singly eternally truthd quietraint the particular sight of sustaining a constitutional subject. Some of this grounds may be portion-outd with our constitutional monition in the unreasonpotent episode of a dispute.


Our websites established cookies in your browser to emend your knowledge and to fabricate eternallyything tend smoothly. Quietraint balance referableification, content recognize our cookie policy.

Your hues

By statute, you confirm a compute of hues conducive to you when you bestow us your peculiar grounds. You can beseech quietraint advance to any of your peculiar grounds that we hold; you can beseech us to emend any inaccuracies in your peculiar grounds; you can beseech us to delete your peculiar grounds where there is no coveter any good-natured-natured debate restraint us to confirm it; you can sight to the mannering of your grounds in some subjects; and, where you confirm ardent agree, you are potent to withattract that agree at any time. Underneathneath convinced proviso, such as if the grounds is esthetic to constitutional proceedings, you can so beseech us to temporarily plug mannering your peculiar data. Where your grounds is automatically mannered, you can so beseech quietraint a vision of your grounds in a machine-readpotent quietraintmat.

If you would approve to practice any of your hues listed aloft, content cast your ask to our grounds defence manager at Restraintthcoming we confirm obstructd esaffirm of your individuality, we completeure meet to your ask among undivided calendar month.

If you are referable blithesome with how we confirm handled your peculiar grounds, you confirm the just to inhabit a disease with the Referableification Commissioner’s Office.

How we binder your grounds safe

Ease measures

We truth a diversity of technical and organisational measures to fabricate certain your peculiar grounds is stored and infections guardly. Quietraint sample, we fabricate diligent truth of encryption wheneternally peculiar grounds is entity infections to a third plan and we fabricate established backups in subject the primordial vision of your grounds is obsolete. Complete of our centre groundsbase functionality, including most of your peculiar grounds, is mannered using Amazon Web Employments (AWS), who are a cloud computing furnishr. AWS are known to be ISO 27001 prompt, which is the gold idea in referableification ease, so you can quiet immutable that your peculiar grounds is guard and saveed.

If you declare with us by email balance the Internet, you should be aware that the structure of the Internet is such that unencrypted communication may referable be guard and may by through diverse divergent countries en passage to us. Content do referable email us with private or impressible referableification such as your credit card details. We canreferable confirm trust quietraint unauthorised advance to your referableification that is quenchedside our guide.

Grounds appropriation plan

We singly obstruct on to your grounds quietraint as covet as we deficiency it to execute undivided of the sights it was primordially sumed quietraint, such as to furnish a employment, to gather feedback or to produce with a constitutional duty. This instrument that appropriation policies quietraint your grounds can dissent ponderably depending on the concitation and the way it is truthd. When deciding on a appropriation plan quietraint any idea of grounds, we truth the restraintthcoming criteria:

  • How covet is the grounds deficiencyed quietraint? – Quietraint sample, if you confirm referable logged in to your representation quietraint diverse years, we completeure eject you from our mailing lists.
  • What did we affirm we would do with the grounds when we sumed it? – If the sights quietraint which we primordially sumed the grounds are no coveter bearing, there is no deficiency to binder it.
  • Do we confirm a constitutional duty to binder the grounds? – Quietraint sample, financial referableification deficiencys to be kept quietraint a insufficiency totality of opportunity quietraint impost debates.
  • Does obstructing the grounds raise an intrinsic imperil? – In the unreasonpotent episode of a grounds nonperformance, we neglect to fix that referablehing impressible is stolen. We completeure consequently confirm sunk appropriation periods quietraint grounds we ponder to be impressible.

However, in public, we guardly archive most of your representation grounds restraintthcoming four years of indiligence (attend ‘Other sights’ aloft) and then permanently delete complete of your peculiar grounds restraintthcoming six years of indiligence.

Transfers to countries quenchedside the EEA

Some of the third parties we truth to manner your grounds are established in countries which do referable confirm the identical idea of grounds defence statutes that EU citizens relish. In these subjects, we confirm made certain there are safeguards in locate to save your hues and interests. Quietraint sample, Superintend Monkey and Mailchimp are twain located in the United States, except we confirm made certain that they twain produce with the EU-U.S. Solitude Shield Framework, which guarantees the identical level of defence.


If you are 13 or underneath, you must confirm submit from a composer or guardian precedently you bestow us your peculiar referableification. If we ascertain that we confirm common referableification from you withquenched the misapply agree, we shyness the just to expunge complete transactions and employments and eject complete peculiar grounds that you confirm provided. You completeure be potent to re-submit the referableification when you confirm the required submit.

Links to other websites

Our websites may inclose couples to apparent third-plan websites. We are referable legal quietraint the solitude and ease of these websites true they becovet to Icard Obstructing Limited. This solitude plan applies singly to West Writers.

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