Please read the below. 1. Course: Change management (MBA) • My instructor will send out a Case Study on 6th October ( Tue) wherein I have to attend to couple of questions and answer them. But

Please learn the adown. 

1. Course: Change government (MBA)

       • My schoolmistress gain cast out a Instance Con-over on  6th October ( Tue) wherein I possess to serve to couple of questions and apology them. But the questions gain be helpful barely on 7th October and I possess 24hrs to full it. Submission for the selfselfsame on 8th October midnight. Ill cast the grading rubrics unintermittently I possess the instance con-over. ($ 150).

2. Strategy Government (MBA) 

        • This one is a bit troubling. My schoolmistress gain sent out a Instance Con-over on 10th October at encircling 3:30 PM (Canadian time-zone, Vancouver). And I possess to suggest a summary of the Instance con-over among 3 1/2 hrs. Im not unmistakable how to coordinate this, I prospect you strength possess end opposing alike predicament repeatedly. I am learny to expend $180 -200 for this one.  Ill cast the rubrics unintermittently you rejoinder to this communication.  My grades are scant in % on the substance and I need a harmonious tractate to get the required grades. (reflecting on the appraisement. 

I'll collect you after a while my instrument in track such as scrutiny gate, accesses etc. Please let me Know what you conceive encircling the substance. 


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