Plagiarism free

One commits the act of plagiarism when they knowingly or unknowingly presents other people’s opinions, ideas or work as their work without proper citation or referencing,we offer plagiarism  free papers. Plagiarism is an offense committed by many and is a major source of failure in academic journey.

The following can lead to plagiarism;


  1. Putting all direct quotes into quotation marks.
  2. Paraphrasing ideas which we referred.
  3. Changing words used by an author into synonyms.
  4. Mentioning author’s name in your sentences.
  5. Sentences stand on their own but contain a reference to the author’s ideas.


At we check any work for plagiarism before we present it. We have installed our computers with anti-plagiarism software which ensures that should instances of plagiarism be detected, we request the writer in question to rework the paper, though such cases are rare. Our primary goal is to ensure there is academic integrity since academic honesty is necessary. We check plagiarism in every paper to help students avoid typical mistakes and ensure we submit articles which are in strict compliance with requirements.





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