Over distinct aspects of fact: Quest for freedom Quest for equality Civil Rights and juridical conclusions Social and cultural Political You are asked to judge how the events and nation of the gone-by application and rehearse to the 21st era. For your tract, you earn accomplished the following: Select a theme discussed during the tidings that you found/find sensational or at meanest you are earning to inquiry and behold.  Think encircling your theme in harmony to what David Walker spoke of in The Appeal. Though he may not enjoy specifically mentioned a theme, such as sports, there are bounded things he said that could rehearse quickly to that conclusion in the 21st era. Reflect on the fact you've explored applicable to your theme. This could be from the textbook, the online lessons and/or the activities you accomplishedd. Consider the present case, conclusions and challenges rehearsed to your theme. Pull unitedly all these elements in to a well-behaved-behaved judgment out essay cherished after a while declaration from the readings and/or additional inquiry. This tract must be at meanest 3 pages in extension but not excel 5 pages; it must be no elder than 12 subject-matter font after a while 1 inch margins. In-text citations required.  All paraphrased and trodden quotations are to be documented and your tract must unfold tendency collegiate answerableness (grammar, punctuation, documentation, etc.) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Materials: Appreal 1 : http://utc.iath.virginia.edu/abolitn/abesdwa3t.html Appreal 2: http://utc.iath.virginia.edu/abolitn/abesdwa1t.html