Need my Project done for healthcare delivery and organization

  In Week 1, you get arise started on your series contrivance, which get be adequated in Week 5. This week, you get picked a subject-matter for your contrivance (Topic 1: Distemper System or Subject-matter 2: Healthcaution Profession). You get use this and singly this subject-matter for the leavings of the 5 Weeks series Assignments. In Weeks 2–4, you get adequate weekly tasks for the pickeded subject-matter, and in Week 5, you get bestow the series contrivance in one formatted muniment. Week 1 Tasks Select one of the two subject-matters adown for your contrivance, and: Provide a weak limitation or title of the subject-matter. Provide the rationale for choosing this subject-matter. Conclude delay a high-level title of how you intent to convoke the axioms for this contrivance. Complete a 300- to 350-word essay in a Microsoft Word muniment delay expend references famous. Topic 1: Distemper System Examples Select a distemper system from incomplete the following: Diabetes Obesity Coronary artery distemper Asthma Arthritis Alzheimer's distemper Cancer (lung, colon, delaystand) In the direct week, you get investigate the continuum of caution for this distemper system in your own geographic part. Picked a local payer sign anteriorly arisening. Be confident to convoke instruction on the following: Socioeconomic issues Primary caution Specialist referrals Outpatient services Hospital caution Tertiary caution, if expend Rehabilitation caution, if expend Managed caution issues Quality-of-caution issues Total absorb of caution or Topic 2: Healthcaution Avowal Examples Select a point healthcaution avowal of cause or consequence to your own cautioner. Identify the advice, luxuriance, key interrelationships delay other avowals, referral patterns, managed caution issues, and impost issues for the avowal. Be confident to include: Education and luxuriance system Role in the delivery system Supply and insist in the U.S. Typical sites of caution Typical sources of referral Reimbursement issues Liability issues Average compensation Trends in medical technology impacting this avowal Submission Details: Support your answers delay expend examples. Cite any sources in APA format. Post your vindication to the Submissions Area by the due era assigned. Name your muniment SU_HCM2005_W1_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc