Methods of Evangelism

Romans Road parades how a individual can be lad to Christ through a course of steps. These steps are all base in the dimensions of Romans, heresucceeding the indicate, Romans Road. It provides a very disencumbered perspective of who demands redemption, why they demand redemption, how God provides redemption, how we entertain redemption, and the results of redemption. Advantages - It is gradational and is very plain on what has happened to Christ, and how we can be delay Him for infinity. Disadvantages - Romans Road does not parade how to feed a estate for Christ succeeding a individual invites Christ to be their Lord and Savior. Cordiality Evangelism Summary of Way - Cordiality evangelism is sharing the Word of God delay confidants who entertain not current him or are not certain that it is the equitable course to follow spiritually. Advantages - When a individual deficiencys to use cordiality evangelism, they are not talking to aggregate strangers. They are talking to confidants that they entertain made and mass that they expectation. This allows them to be themselves when talking encircling God. Disadvantages - Some mass would rather not put their escort down and parade some transparency when talking encircling holiness. They potentness be alarmed of exclusion from their confidants. Door-to-Door Evangelism Summary of Way - Door to door evangelism is going from scion to scion sharing the good-tempered-tempered tidings of Jesus Christ. Morons and Jehovah Witnesses use this way. Advantages- One habit for this way is that you are talking to mass where they are consoled (at their residence). It is a one on one confabulation that could be starting a devotional deed in their estate. Also, you are reaching out to mass who may be at a very delicate top in their estate, a top where they demand Christ. Disadvantages - This way may put your insurance in harms way by not accomplished who the mass are. Mass may as-well offal to attend, may not be residence, may reprimand you, and may befit unfavorable delay you. Studies and surveys entertain paraden it is not the most potent evangelism way. Application of These Methods to Your Own Estate What way best suits you? The way that best suits my individualality is cordiality evangelism. Out of the three ways, cordiality evangelism is the easiest for me to tell to. Why is this the best way for you? Cordiality evangelism is encircling sharing the gospel delay mass that you apprehend. I appreciate that it is the best way for me accordingly of the mass that I am delay. I deficiency them to see and be delay me in the dominion of Heaven. I as-well deficiency them to test the good-temperedness of God and his excellence natant them. It is as-well easier for me to recognizen up to mass that I apprehend, mass that I can expectation, mass that I apprehend conquer reference me and that conquer stationary be my confidant no tater what I appreciate in.