How do issues from home, such as divorce, homelessness

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How do issues from home, such as divorce, homelessness

” How do issues from home, such as divorce, homelessness, or single parenting, have an influence on students’ academic success?”

Question the topic should answer :

The I-Search paper will follow the American Psychological Association’s (APA) guidelines for essay writing. In other words, your paper will be in 12-point font, double spaced throughout, and will include in-text references to your sources and a References page.

To guide your reader through your research journey, you should include headings within the text. Your headings should reflect the four required sections:

 1) What I Know, Assume, or Imagine

Before you actually conduct any research, write a section in which you explain to your readers what you think you know, what you assume to know, or what you imagine about the topic you are researching.

This section gives your reader a sense of your current impression of the issue and includes a description of any direct life experience you have had with the issue.

2) My Search Process

In this section, you will describe your actual research “journey.” You will need to describe the sequence of steps that you go through as you research your topic, on your way to creating your product.

You might talk about what sources you begin with, how these help or not, new sources as you find them, what new questions crop up as you learn more, and what frustrations you encounter along the way.

This is also the section where you talk about the help and assistance that you get from others, i.e. primary sources: mentors and other people you interview. You should explain your research methods and actually talk about specific sites and sources. Be sure to include your reflections in this section.

Explain your research methods and include specific sites. Tell about the primary sources/people you interviewed.  Express your successes, failures, and feelings as you researched.

3) What I Have Learned in the Process

This is the section where you explain the information found on your topic and questions.  This should be the longest section of the paper and the part that looks like a regular research paper.  Be sure to look at the I-Search Template for examples of APA citations.

4)  What This Means to Me

This section provides the opportunity for you to reflect on how you have developed during the process. You should personalize your new learning and explain how it impacts your thinking on the topic.

Draw conclusions from what you have discovered. The length of this section should be several paragraphs.

Explain what else you would like to know. The following statements may help guide your thinking:

  • What I now know that I didn’t know before includes…
  • The findings that mean the most to me are…
  • What I’ve learned will affect me and my senior project by…
  • As a result of this research, I’ve decided to…

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