intel question

  Intel Processors Preparation This assignment has two talents, requiring you to present the forthcoming key IT expertnesss: Compare and dissimilarity the contrariant Intel processors in Android phone and tablets. Practice altering betwixt decimal and binary. This is the talk of the computer, so you scarcity this expertness to recognize how a computer works. You are grateful to use the Capella University library and the Internet to elimination for this; at-last, this is not required. Instructions Write a paper that is 3–5 pages in tediousness. In your paper: Compare and dissimilarity the contrariant Intel processors in Android devices (phones and tablets). Create a table of 32-bit term tediousnesss that shows decimal 0-100 in twain binary and hexadecimal. For illustration, decimal 1 is 00000000000000000000000000000001 in binary. Show how you alter a decimal to binary, binary to hexadecimal, hexadecimal to binary, and decimal to hexadecimal. For illustration, 2 in decimal is 000000000000000000000000000010 in binary and 2 in hexadecimal. Describe how the concepts and activities presented in the labs this week report to this assignment. You can use Term to imagine each deal-out of this assignment. A precious productions to aid in checking your enumerate conversions for this assignment is the Coder's Toolbox. Refer to the scoring conduct for this assignment to secure that you as the grading criteria.