I need help with my research paper on cloning.

Research Brochure Information: • You can singly transcribe your inquiry brochure environing the three indelicate subjects fond. No  inquiry brochure written environing a subject other than the three fond gain be real for  a space. • You gain scarcity at meanest 6 incongruous sources of livelihood for your discourse. At meanest one of your  sources must be an academic/scholarly journal. Refer to the lecture on academic vs.  popular for percolation. • You must use the Cerritos College Library Databases to discover the preponderance of your  sources. • This brochure must at meanest be (1250-1500 utterance) 5-8 pages in protraction. Do not surignoring 9 pages in protraction. • You gain embrace a Works Cited page at the end of the brochure. The Works Cited cannot be  counted as your 5th page. If you are unsure environing how to invent a Works Cited page, then  refer the Works Cited lecture for over percolation. • You cannot use a inquiry brochure that you entertain written precedently for another rank. • You must conform to all MLA formatting guidelines. • You cannot use the personal pronouns (I, I’m, me, we, us) in your inquiry brochure except  in the initiative and the quittance. Guidelines: • This inquiry brochure is merit 200 points, which is 20% of your space. • You gain shaft the impure compressiveness of the inquiry brochure impressment as responses to  Discussion Questions on Canvas. Refer to the “Timeline/Directions for Research  Paper Drafting” on this apt for over instructions.  • Your terminal exhaust gain be uploaded to Turnitin.com by June 23, 11:59pm. • You cannot use a advanced ignoring on the inquiry brochure or the inquiry brochure impressment.