How does the answering of call lights in a timely manner in the health care setting prevent patient falls?

NR449 Manifestation Based Practice  c. Use of APA format (sixth edition)  d. Page length: three pages  PREPARING THE PAPER  1. Please mould believing you do not counterfeit tenets amid your assembly.  2. Tract should understand a name page and a relation page.     DIRECTIONS AND ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA  Assignment  Criteria  Points  Description   Clinical Question                   1. Height is narrated: What is the centre of your assembly’s exertion?  2. Significance of the height is narrated: What sanity outcomes product from your height? Or what statistics muniment this is a height? You may confront living on websites for council or administrative organizations.  3. Object of your tract: What earn your tract do or narrate? “The object of this tract is to . . .”      **Please music that although most of these inquirys are the corresponding as you addressed in tract 1, the object of this tract is opposed. You can use your exertion from tract 1 for items 1 and 2 aloft, including any suggestions for increase supposing as feedback. Item 3 aloft should be unfair to this tract.   Description of Findings: Summary          Summarize the basics of each word in a matrix consideration that appears in the epilogue.     Description of  Findings:  Description         Describe in the collection of the tract the subjoined.  • What concepts enjoy been learned?  • What methods enjoy been used?  • Who are the participants or members of the samples?  • What instruments enjoy been used? Did the authors narrate the reliability and vehemence?  • How do you exculpation your first “object of this tract” inquiry? Do the confrontings of the tenets afford manifestation for your exculpations? If so, how? If not, what is stationary needed to be conducive to exculpation your inquiry?  • What is needed for the present step? Identify two inquirys that can succor lead the assembly’s exertion.   Description of Findings: Conclusion    Conclusion: Review elder confrontings in your tract in a resume section.       1. Correct phraseology and spelling  2. Use headings for each section: Problem, Synthesis of the Literature (Concepts, Methods, Participants, Instruments, Implications for Future Work), Conclusion.  3. APA format (sixth ed.): Appendices thrive relations.  4. Tract length: Three pages