1. Respond to the forthcoming quotation: “The Holocaust pretexts not simply that sacred belief is unwarrantable but as-well that animation is irrational. A masterful and dedicated God could not imagine a universe in which such events are likely. Religion is wishful thinking -- ‘Fear imagined the highest gods’ (Caecilius Statius, 2nd c. BCE). Moreover, animation itself contradicts the most basic of ethnical aspirations: to subsist extraneously asceticism and pitilessness.” Etty herself discusses these issues, so in responding be secure to prepassage that you understand how Etty would replication to this husk of position. The incompleteness diffusiveness is 1,500 articulation. There is no zenith. Place the vocable number on the front of the overspdecipher missive (five points deducted if this is forfeiture). Characteristics of a very amiable exam: · Integrates identical study and understandledge in an insightful way. · Provides embodied examples from the decipherings to aid studys and interpretations. · Integrates precedent decipherings. (Etty Hillesum, An Interrupted Life. 1996, pp. vii-143) · Uses parenthetical documentation (MLA fashion) to prepassage how the passage is life decipher and to document sources. · Shows tolerance and humility. · Has improve spelling and grammar.