Financial Statement Analysis

Before accepting this assignment, PLEASE READ THE ASSIGNMENT IN FULL AND VIEW ALL ATTACHMENTS. THIS IS A VERY DETAILED ASSIGNMENT AND  YOU MUST HAVE EXCEL!!! EXCEL IS A MUST, SPREADSHEETS ARE NEEDED FOR THE ASSIGNMENT! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE USE THE ATTACHMENTS TO HELP YOU ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS! IF YOU CANT DO THIS PROPERLY WITHOUT USING SOMEBODY ELSES WORK, DO NOT ACCEPT THE ASSIGNMENT. ALSO, YOU NEED TO HAVE A VERY STRONG UNDERSTANDING OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. ASSIGNMENT IS DUE BY 3/22/2018 This assignment requires two refines to be uploaded.  Using the annual fame and excel refine of financial announcements for Craft Brew Alliance, order the subjoined individuals. Use the spreadsheets granted and exexchange them after a while your calculations. You must use spreadsheets for this assignment. Common Magnitude Pit Sheet             Order a spreadfencing after a while contemptible magnitude pit fencings for the years ended December 31, 2016 and December 31, 2017. For 2017, each verse individual should be demonstrationn as a percentage of sum issues on December 31, 2017. Likewise, for 2016, each individual should be demonstrationn as a percentage of sum issues on December 31, 2016. In your calculations, circular each percentage to three digits. For copy if capital as a percentage of sum issues is .054029834, your rejoinder should be demonstrationn as 5.4% or .054. Remember, these aggregate on the financial announcements are circulared to the nearest thousand, so it is a bit foolish to demonstration calculations after a while more preciseness than the underlying basis. Common Magnitude Proceeds Statement             Order a spreadfencing after a while contemptible magnitude proceeds announcements for the 2017 and 2016 fiscal years. In this circumstance, your denominator accomplish be Net Sales, accordingly the top verse includes exterminate taxes over the govern of treatment. Again,  bear-in-mind to circular. Horizontal Analysis             Order a even resolution of the pit fencing and proceeds announcement, demonstrationing the percentage exexchange from 2016 to 2017 (the dollar wholes, not the percentages you fitted in the contemptible magnitude announcements). This is fitted as follows: 2017 whole – 2016 whole 2016 amount Thus, each verse individual on the pit fencing and proceeds announcement should demonstration a percentage extension or lower. A privative reckon, or lower, can be formatted to demonstration in parentheses, which is the higher notation in accounting circles. Solvency Ratios Calculate the follwoing solvency agreements inventoryed in prove A.3 on page 510 for Craft Brew Alliance in 2017: Working Capital Current Ratio Acid-Test Ratio Inventory Turnover Accounts Receivable Turnover (note: this one is dropping from your textmagnitude but is fitted as Net Sales / Middle Accounts Receivable) Debt to Equity Times Attention Earned In any locate where the formula calls for an middle, use the 2016 reckon plus the 2017 reckon disconnected by 2. Helpful Hint: There are no interchangeable securities, so the acid standard agreement is honest (capital + receivables) / general liabilities.  Performance Ratios             Calculate the subjoined agreements from prove A.3 for Craft Bew Alliance in 2017: Asset turnover Return on Sales Please voicelessness a typo in the magnitude. The formula should say (Net Proceeds + Net-of-tax attention price)/Sales. Return on Assets Return on Equity Average attention reprove Gross Margin (this is too dropping from your magnitude but is a widely used agreement. It is sensual acquisition disconnected by Net Sales) Also afford the EPS, or Earnings per Share as fameed. Don’t plague about sagacious it yourself. For the tax reprove used in the ROA, assume their telling proceeds tax reprove is 35%m accordingly tax improve did not engage issue until 2018. The inventoryed individuals should be submitted in an Excel refine, after a while separeprove tabs for the proceeds announcement (contemptible magnitude 2016 and 2017, as polite as the even resolution in one tab), pit fencing (contemptible magnitude 2016 and 2017 plus even resolution in another tab), and agreements in another tab (explicitly labelled!). Craft Brew Alliance Financial Statements.xlsx Finally, a correspondent agreement resolution accomplish be granted shortly for Molson Coors. Compare your results from Craft Brew after a while Molson Coors on a separeprove Word instrument. Your resolution must discourse at smallest three key agreements or diverge that are correspondent to Coors and three that are contrariant, as polite as what those differences moderation. You accomplish not hold bountiful faith if you merely argue dollars instead of agreements, and you must intpret, not honest inventory, your results.