Electronic Grading System

The design of this con-over is to living and better the grading rule of NDNI (Notre Dame of New Iloilo). The ordinary grading rule of NDNI, which uses Abound is obscure on the multiply of the user. Not all of the users are abundantly computer philosopher and they possess to rule the tyro track by themselves outside peculiar advisering of the Principal. Moreover E. G. S (Electronic Grading System) is agricultural. In reply to this substance, the key is a user- neighborly program, courteous guided rule agency. The E. G.S is a rule that can succor to rule the grading rule of NDNI. It is a rule rendering betterd by the IT Students of Notre Dame of Marbel University conclusive 2009-2010. The stream of rule is when the registrar refined initialize the user accounts of (teachers simply), the registrar can tenor dispose inventory from the tutors archives. As the tenored grounds is gather from the tutors archives, it succeed saved. Then the tutor can now update dispose archives. And the registrar can scene dispose archives to adviser the act of the tutor & tyros. II. Device Description A . Background of the StudyThe ordinary rule of NDNI which uses Abound is obscure on the multiply of user. Not all the users are computer philosopher and they possess to rule the tyros’ track by themselves outside the peculiar advisering of the Principal. The substance to-boot in Abound is that environmental that can motive hallucination in contingency the user clicked or pressed accidentally. While E. G. S is agricultural to use by user. However the tutor has discretion to do computing manually if the E. G. S can’t living their needs. In reply to this, the key is a user-neighborly program that can be entranceed by the user.NDNI is ordinaryly using Abound as resources of computing tyro tracks. In conditions of Excel, it is not facile to the multiply of the tutors’ to entrance the track of the tyros instantly as needed, bemotive casually it can motive environmental hallucination. B. Statement of the Substance The ordinary grading rule used by NDNI in Excel. It is not facile for the multiply of the tutor’s to entrance the track of the tyros. C. Objectives a. General Objectives This device favor to automate the grading rule of Notre Dame of New Iloilo by providing an Electronic Grading System. b. Specific Objectives - To succor the users to abundantly entrance the tracks of the tyros. D. Significance of the Con-over This con-over is indicative as established for the aftercited reasons: -It is user-neighborly and adds opportunity -Certain grading criteria can be set w/o adding formulas in full spreadsheet cell. -Faster transactions. -Easier archivess transplant (tenor and ship-produce) -Ease of entranceibility E. Occasion and Limitations of the Con-over - The coverage of the con-over includes entities such as Registrar and Teachers. However, the tyros are to-boot included as a receiver. The proposed device is trusting on the ship-produceed abound polish of the tyros archives from the tutor archives. Also, it succeed simply rule the track of the tyros for a duration of duration. Common concept for a dispose archivess are being observed and applied for this contact. Registrar and Principal can scene all archivess . The tutors can simply scene their own archivess. F. Methodology Phase I (Preliminary Investigation) •Conducting a scrutinize and interscene -Required to get notification needed to warrant and methodatic rule of the rule to be exposed. •Define the new rule extrinsic •Set the occasion and limitation