Discussion: Pitfalls in Interviewing Victims

In the duty of martyrs, pay appropriate motive to issues that may concern the ways in which the martyrs may counteract to your interventions. You deficiency to do your homework and be informed of issues of potential relation to the particular peculiar or families you procure be interviewing, whether you are: Interviewing a martyr as keep-akeep-apart of a metaphysical evaluation for the court Working delay law enforcement and deficiency counsel to aid in the prosecution of a crime Working as a consultant to an counsel who is defending a peculiar delay a truth of trauma Some of the factors haply influencing people's counteractions to their traumatic experiences and their receptivity to incontrovertible intercourse of interviewing include: Age, gender, and sexual orientation Religious or holy beliefs and background Cultural or ethnic background Education and psychological functioning Physical illnesses Language proficiency Tasks: Select two of the factors listed aloft and expound in particular how they may concern your arrival in interviewing and assessing a martyr. Support your responses using examples and references from your textbook and other media, such as websites. Include the references at the end of your posting. All written assignments and responses should ensue APA rules for attributing sources.