Course Evaluation

Course Name: Organizational Behavior  Note: I'm not established generally. Assignment:  Provide a cogitation of at last 500 suffrage (or 2 pages wrap spaced) of how the apprehension, skills, or theories of this round feel been applied or could be applied, in a skilled form to your general product environment. If you are not generally established, portion-out times when you feel or could watch these theories, and apprehension could be applied to an business occasion in your room of consider.  Requirements: Provide a 500 vocable (or 2 pages wrap spaced) partiality cogitation. Use of appertinent APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be appertinently cited. Share a idiosyncratic association that identifies peculiar apprehension and theories from this round. Demonstrate a association to your general product environment. If you are not occupied, reveal a association to your desired product environment.  You should NOT produce an overview of the assignments assigned in the round. The assignment asks that you ponder on how the apprehension and skills obtained through convocation round objectives were applied or could be applied in the productplace.