Combination of 3 Works

Work #1 It is main to perceive that humans and technology interact in all notice systems. Why do you impress businesses must expend occasion and specie to initiate their employees on guard matters?  Work #2 Our nucleus balance the instant fifteen weeks conquer be on managerial accounting. However, there is too financial accounting. For your argument board shaft in week one, I would relish you to argue the dissimilarity between financial and managerial accounting. Are there any regulations/rules that insufficiency to be followed beneath either process. If so what are they?  Submission Details: Be unmistakable to refer-to any sources you use in your shaft. Work #3 Select ONE ARTICLE from the forthcoming links and embody the lection in your own articulation. Your analysis should be 2-3 paragraphs in protraction using own APA formating and uploaded as a TEXT DOCUMENT. There is an EXAMPLE stable to demonstration you the format requirements. What is most main is that you use YOUR OWN WORDS to embody the information proviso. It is superfluous that you do not portraiture citation instantly from the Internet. Plagiarism is unlively. You can abundantly desert this by rephrasing the fluctuation and summarizing it using your own articulation.