College Admission Essay writing

What is a College Admission Essay

A college admission essay is also referred as  a personal statement or a statement of purpose. The student explains the intent to undertake a given course in a specific university of choice. Many prestigious colleges and universities will not take a student that cannot present his/her intent in a clear and precise way.

It is common for institutions of higher learning to request a statement of intent. However, many students lack necessary skills to write a college admission essay and experience to communicate their intent effectively. It is estimated that poor statement of purpose causes approximately 60% of admission and scholarship rejections are due to .

Imagine getting a regret letter from your college/university of choice. Moreover, grammatical mistakes, poor punctuation, and not capturing the readers attention are just but a few  barriers to getting yourself an admission letter.

How much is the scholarship worth? The scholarship depends on admission to the specific college. What about the cost of your dream career, self esteem, and personal pride. Don’t even think about it. We help you avoid all these embarrassment at the least cost possible. It cost you as low as $10 for an academic essay that will grant you the much needed admission and or scholarship. All we need from you is your brief academic history, the college you aspire to join, and the course. We will do the rest for you as you wait for your admission letter.



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