Cellular Response to Injury

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Cellular Response to Injury

Cellular Response to Injury
R.J. is a 69


old paraplegic with a history of frequent urinary tract infections and poor wound healing
admitted to the hospital with a Stage III pressure ulcer on his left ankle.
He is 5’ 11” tall and weighs 180 lbs: BMI
He is wheelchair

bound with full use of his arms.
His temperature on admission is 100.4 °.
Labs indicate an
increased white cell count and CRP and low albumin of 3.1.
R.J.’s caregiver reports he has lost 5 pounds in the
last month due to poor appetit
e and fatigue.
Consider the following to calculate R.J.’s recommended calorie intake:
Critical thinking
: What is the range of kcalories per kilogram recommended from lecture to promote
wound healing. Based upon his history, why would this be a good place
to start for his energy needs?
According to his measurements, what is R.J.’s
weight status according to his BMI?
Will you use his
actual or an adjusted weight to calculate his estimated calorie needs?
Give your reasons.
Calculate R.J.’s recommende
d calorie needs using the above information and 35 kcal/kg.
Remember to
convert his weight in pounds to

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