Assignment: Application of Cognitive Behavior Theory to Tiffany Case Study

Please use Tiffany Fact Study This week, your speculative orientation is percipient manner assumption. You obtain use the selfselfsimilar fact examine that you chose in Week 2 and enjoy been analyzing in this continuity. Use the "Dissecting a Assumption and Its Application to a Fact Study” resultsheet to succor you scrutinize the assumption. You do not insufficiency to suggest this handout. It is a utensil for you to use to scrutinize the assumption and then you can practice the instruction in the board to full your assignment. In this Assignment, you contribute a 5-minute video fact delivery. It is contemptible to give a fact dissection in multidisciplinary team parleys or delay your director and colleagues. This assignment offers you an convenience to contribute insights and perspectives to a fact. To contribute: Use the selfselfsimilar fact examine that you chose in Week 2. Read this season listed in the Learning Resources: González-Prendes, A. A., & Thomas, S. A. (2009). Culturally sentient composition of irritate in African American women: A sole fact examine. Clinical Fact Studies, 8(5), 383–402. This season contributes a accurate frameresult for how the authors’ percipient-behavioral speculative orientation shaped the conceptualization of the fact and impost and interference. To upload your instrument for this Assignment, use the Kaltura Instrument liberty from the mashup utensil drop-down menu. Refer to the Kaltura Instrument Uploader area in the continuity navigation menu for further instruction encircling how to upload instrument to the continuity. By Day 7 Submit a Kaltura video of yourself discussing the client. Your video should be no longer than 5 minutes. Although this is a functional delivery, it is not a explicit delivery as in a address. Imagine that you are discussing your fact delay a clump of peers in a parley. For specimen, if you misapprehend a bit, don’t reach you enjoy to archives yourself repeatedly. You can enjoy notes in face of you to succor you mind your points. However, your video does insufficiency to be functional. In other articulation, clothes functionally and persuade yourself as if you are in an agency elucidation delay colleagues and directors. Be believing to frequent eye continuity as if you were telling in face of your colleagues. Finally, be believing to archives yourself in a compass that is allay and where no one interrupts you. Your video delivery should involve the following: In 1 to 2 sentences, authenticate and delineate the giveing total. In 1 to 2 sentences, briefly mark-out and conceptualize the total from a percipient-behavioral speculative orientation. Formulate 2 impost questions that you obtain ask the client to meliorate imply the client’s total. Remember, the impost questions should be guided by percipient-behavioral assumption. In 1 to 2 sentences, authenticate two ends for composition. Again, mind, the ends should be harmonious delay percipient-behavioral assumption. In 1 to 2 sentences, delineate the composition intent from a percipient-behavioral speculative orientation. Remember, the composition intent should align delay the end(s) for result. Discuss one conclusion you would value, if you were to evaluate whether the interference resulted, and clear-up how this is harmonious delay percipient manner assumption. Evaluate one excellence and one modesty of percipient manner assumption as it relates to the fact examine. Evaluate the application of percipient-behavioral assumption in aspect to a heterogeneousness end connected to the fact. Be believing to: Identify and unexceptionably relation the fact examine you enjoy selected. Speak clearly